Workplace Falls

Workplace Falls

When suffering a work injury, regardless of who is at fault, a worker is entitled to several benefits such as reasonable medical treatment, disability pay, and compensation for injuries. An employer is required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect employees in the event of an accident.

Insurance benefits are supposed to be automatic for anyone injured on the job but employers don’t always take that approach. Too often, companies deny valid work injury claims. When that happens, employees can be left with untreated injuries, accumulating medical bills and lost wages.

When a third party is at-fault for a work related injury, there may be a third party claim in addition to the workers’ compensation claim against the employer. For example, a delivery driver injured in an auto accident while “on the clock” would have a workers’ compensation claim against his/her employer, and may also have a separate claim against an at-fault third party who caused the auto accident. This can be a complicated case with numerous legal intricacies in each claim, making it more difficult than a standard workers’ compensation case.

A work injury entitles an employee to paid medical treatment as well as payment for time missed from work. In addition, a work injury may entitle an employee to a lump sum payment at the conclusion of a case. Sometimes, medical bills submitted directly to the employer are not paid, and the injured employee must fight the insurance company to protect his/her rights.

Payment benefits for a work related injury can take on of several forms depending on the nature and degree of the injury. For example, temporary total disability (TTD) benefits are payments made while an employee is recovering from an on-the-job accident and while the employee is unable to work. Permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits are payments made when the employee is able to work again but when the employee suffers permanent damages limiting his/her ability to perform a job. Finally permanent total disability (PTD) benefits provide payment to an employee who can no longer work due to injuries sustained at work.

Even if you were at fault in a work accident, you are still entitled to recover for your injuries.

Some common issues in a work injury case include:

  • Insurance carrier denying some or all of your medical treatment
  • Not receiving temporary total disability pay while off work
  • Insurance carrier or employer claims your injury was not work related

It may be difficult to quantify monetarily the value of your injury. Often injured workers who fail to contact a personal injury lawyer never learn that they are entitled to a settlement, and they never receive any benefits beyond having their medical bills and temporary lost wages paid. Workers’ compensation insurance carriers routinely fail to advise injured workers of their settlement rights.

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