Ice & Snow Falls

Ice and Snow Falls

In Connecticut, the cold winter weather brings ice and snow accumulations, which cause slippery conditions on our walkways. Sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots can all become extremely dangerous during wintry weather, and all property owners are responsible for making sure those dangerous conditions are minimized by keeping their properties free from snow and ice buildup after a storm.

Under Connecticut laws, property owners have a reasonable amount of time to clear snow and apply sand or salt as necessary after a storm. However, failure to do this in a timely manner can be dangerous for someone walking on the property, and increases the chances for a slip and fall accident to occur.

Property owners must exercise reasonable care when it comes to maintaining the public areas of their property, including the prompt removal of ice and snow to reduce the risk of falls and injuries. When the slippery conditions are not addressed in a timely manner, slip and fall accidents on snow-covered walkways, icy stairs, parking lots, and driveways become the liability of the property owner.

If you slip and fall on ice and/or snow, you may be entitled to recover monetarily for the pain and suffering caused by your injuries, the cost of your medical bills, and for any lost wages if your injuries cause you to miss time from work.

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