Fire and Burn Accidents

Fire and Burn Accidents

A burn injury is the destruction of the skin and/or underlying flesh due to a fire, heat source, or chemicals.

When burns are the result of someone else’s negligence – or careless actions – the negligent parties may be held responsible for the injuries they caused.

Homeowners who experience electrical burn due to faulty wiring inside their home, or electricians or constructions workers electrocuted while on the job may be eligible for compensation for damage or losses.

Defective products such as toasters, ovens and dryers may cause household fires that result in burns. Certain mattresses and clothing are prone to catching fire and put the wearer at risk. There are federal guidelines with regard to flammability, but not all products meet those guidelines. Victims of household fires may file a claim to hold the negligent party accountable for the damages.

Sometimes defective products release chemical compounds such as sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide or hydrofluoric acid that cause burns, leading to product liability or worker’s compensation claims.

Burns are classified into three categories depending on severity – first degree, second degree, and third degree.

First degree burns affect only the top layer of skin and are identified by temporary redness and pain, and are commonly caused by scalding, hot foods, or sunburn.

Second degree burns affect the top two layers of skin and are identified by visible blistering, swelling, and severe pain, and are commonly caused by scalding, fire, or chemicals.

Third degree burns are the most severe. With this type of burn, skin tissue and underlying flesh are severely damaged, and may appear charred or translucent. Nerve damage caused by the burn may numb the area, but second degree burns in surrounding areas will continue to cause pain. Third degree burns are usually caused by fire, hot surfaces, hot liquid, chemicals, or electricity.

Although both first and second degree burns are painful and may cause complications, third degree burns are much more serious and may cause scarring, infection, or even death.

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