Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

A traffic accident involving a commercial truck, such as an eighteen wheeler or big rig tractor trailer, can be much more catastrophic than an ordinary car accident. Truck accidents comprise a significant number of motor vehicle injury accidents, and fatalities each year.

A typical fully-loaded large commercial truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Because of the large size of trucks, a collision between a truck and another vehicle will likely result in serious, even fatal, injuries. Accidents involving large commercial trucks may create liability for not just the driver of the trailer, but also for the owner of the container being transported and the owner of the load in the container.

In truck collisions, federal regulation require over-the-road trucks to carry various levels of insurance coverage, depending on the nature of materials hauled. Many times, trucking hauling and leasing companies may argue over which insurance company is responsible for compensating the victim in a truck collision. Current federal regulations protect the innocent party by helping to ensure coverage.

There are a variety of reasons that a truck can cause an accident. The most common of these reasons are driver error, external conditions, and defective truck equipment.

Accidents caused by driver error can range from simple accidents to gross negligence. Lack of training or experience can lead to poor decision making that causes sudden lane changes, wide turns, and dangerous interactions with bridges and roads. If a truck driver has been under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics, their ability to drive can be impaired. Fatigue and schedule pressure can take a real toll on truck drivers, causing accidents and fatalities.

Some accidents may be caused by external conditions. Because trucks and tractor trailers are so large, they are at special risk in dangerous external conditions. Snowstorms, ice on the road, narrow bridges, and reduced visibility due to fog or rain are all examples of external factors that may tribute to a truck accident caused by external conditions.

Commercial trucks are like any type of vehicle and can suffer from design flaws and defective equipment. These flaws can be fatal and cause injury or even death. Defective equipment and/or design can cause large trucks to roll over, jack knife, or have loss of driver control. Components such as brakes can fail, and features such as lack of side and rear bumpers can cause increased damage to the vehicle hit by a truck.

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